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Gravestones at Ypres

Lest We Forget

Cat Writer

James Apps

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Soldiers of the Great War


You lost grandfathers

Whose unborn descendants

Know nothing of Poppies

Shared by millions

Grieving your loss,

You innocent cannon fodder

Lay now within the fertile fields

Cared by loving gardeners,

You loving mother's sons

Know not gentle

Milk giving mothers

Ruminating where you fell

In shell ploughed wastelands,

Or pilgrims seeking kin

Who stop and wonder

At your patriotic sacrifice.

We stand, gazing fascinated

At symmetrical lines;

Dread monuments,

Silent witnesses shouting

The futility of Imperialism,

And you lost Grandfathers,

Sacrificed youth, cry

Remember! Remember!

"Lest We Forget."

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The poem "Soldiers of the Great War" was written on the day of a visit to the town of Ypres and the view of the battlefields. The impact on my senses was enough to make me feel, if not at one with those who fell but to realise how many had died for what was the last thrashings of European Empire building. The warring nations called upon their Dominions to help fight the war and many of these men fought and died in awful conditions sacrificing their young people for the benefit of their imperial masters. Seeing the stones and especially those who were marked simply "A Soldier of the Great War" was a moving experience.


The poem grew from that.


As has been said - we witness the memory of a lost generation.