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The Turval and the Grobble - an Epic Poem can be purchased on Amazon


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The Grotty Prince DeVoid.

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James Apps

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The Turval and the Grobble

A tale of derring and utter stupidity.


The epic poem of the Turval who pitches his verbal abilities against the Terrible Grobble acting as the Squire to the Grotty Pribnce DeVoid is told in this short book of verses complete with illustrations .


It is a story of love, danger and the desperate strivings of a lad who would rather be drinking and playing dice, but whose father threatened to cut various precious appendages off if he did not make the attempt to hunt down and destroy the monster.


Silly really but quite amusing.



The Turval and the Grobble revised edition is available at:


The Turval and the Grobble


I like to write poetry so when the idea of writing this story arose I thought about writing it in prose but realised that I could have some amusement with a Chaucer - style verse using a mixture of Early Modern English and Modern English. The poem is inspired by Lewis Caroll's Jabberwocky and influenced in part by Spike Miligan's Goon Show scripts.


It is illustrated and at times is a little rude, but as a good bedtime read it should either keep you giggling or send you to sleep. There are no sheep involved in the writing of the poem. However, the poem took some two years of work to get it the way I wanted but it was worth the effort.