The Zradian Chronicles

The Zradian Chronicles


A trilogy in three parts with a fourth book in the offing, the Zradian Chronicles is a tale inspired by Douglas Adams' treatment of science fiction yet manages to stay within the bounds of expectation from a Sci-fi tale. It has tendrils in it, matter transfer. Aliens of course, mentions 'little Green Men' , has the equivalent of a 'zap gun' and a planet that is different from Earth.


The Zradians are different having twin pupils in each eye, hence giving the main character, the no good, useless, coward, Julian Renfrew a chance to call them 'four eyed gits' , but other than that they are mostly an efficient, vicious bunch of homicidal maniacs.


The despotic President decides that his people needs more space and chooses Earth as the most desirable place. To do this he sends an up to date, spanking new, Star Station to transfer his hordes of Stormtoopers and long suffering ordinary soldiers, the down trodden Pongos, to carry out the invasion. Unfortunately it gets lost somewhere in space and the search is on by the Rebel Forces and the President's troops to find. Meanwhile he hurriedly sends another, less efficient Station that successfully takes up an orbit around Saturn.


The Star Station is discovered by Julian's father, Professor Arthur Renfrew, who warns his government but is mostly ignored until the first invasion begins.


The invasion of Earth should have been a walk over, an exercise in bullying military tactics but for the intervention of a mad robot left behind to cope with maintenance in an old Star Station by the engineers Clard and Dracl whose exhortation 'Do not be afraid of the rodents' became looped into its mind. With those words and the song 'A Whiter Shade of Pale' as its favourite tune, plus having embraced the strangeness of the film Psycho, it adopts the rodents it was asked to annihilate as its its 'family' and moves them all to the Amazon basin in Brazil.


The robot, perceiving the threat to its new home from the President and his incompetent soldiers, plus the Doomsday Bomb also threatening to blow the Earth to dust, it sets out to subvert the invasion.


The fun begins.

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Do not be Afraid of the Rodents!

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The Reluctant Hero


The Professor and his Son


The Doomsday Bomb


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James Apps

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The Zradian Chronicles

The story of two planets - Earth and the planet Zrad, sometimes called Zradia and the conflict between the two worlds.


Caught up in the story are two young people, Julian Renfrew and Angela Breen whose destinies in the conflict are doomed to be entwined.


Julian wishes only to be left alone and fornicate but when he meets the Alien woman, Glorida, he has no choice but to be part of the war. Angela, placed in the same situation relishes the challengee.


However, against a background of interplaneary war Julian still has to cope with the mad axeman whose desire is to chop him to little pieces, and Angela has to come to terms with the calenge to her Christian beliefs.


In the meantime the plans of the despotic President of Zradia are thwarted by a crazed multi-personality robot obsessed with managing a family of Ravenous Rodents and the song, AWhiter Shade of Pale.