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James Apps

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Tales From The Dark Side


This is a collection of stories that ask the question 'What if?' when we deal with what should be normal situations. That is with the exception of tale of the professional assassin, or exploring the mindset of Chile's former regime - a story put together from the memories of political refugees during the 1980's.



In addition to stories of how the world may end and what comes after in the underworld there are tales affecting ordinary families in their suburban homes that will hopefully create shivers in the spines of the reader.








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Tales From The Dark Side

The short story is a good way of enjoying writing and has for so many years been ignored in favour of novels and blockbuster tales. Exposed to the plethora of short stories during my childhood and early formative years I always enjoyed the volumes of tales offered for my pleasure. My friends and I and my family passed the books around and compared the merits of Tales of the Unexpected, the Science fictions stories of writers such as Ray Bradbury and Arthur C Clarke as well as diet of Edgar Allen Poe. Of course there were many others including H G Wells and Kipling for us to read. I longed to read more and so this first volume is expected to be one of a series.


These tales embrace ideas that are intended to entertain the reader and be disturbing. I am not one to shrink from tales of blood and gore but that is not always what frightens people or makes them look over their shoulders in the dark feeling unsafe, it is sometimes the very ordinary, or the extraordinary described in an ordinary way.