Star of Destiny

James Apps

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To live on an Island does not mean that you are a recluse - it is a good excuse to build more bridges.



The face of despair.

Cat Writer

James Apps

Poet, writer, artist and perpetual student.

The Star Reach Project

This is the story of Earth in the near future after a recovery from famine, the effects of global warming and some radical readjustment of national boundaries.


The Star Reach project is set to take colonists to Alpha Centaurii using a fleet of massive Star Ships designed and built by the Dutch Engineer Maas Retnik.


Beset with Fundamentalism and his own problems Retnik makes plans to change the Global Project to suit himself.


His destiny is tied up with the fortunes of a young religious family, an Arab boy who changes the way his people understand the world, and the ministration of the religious fanatic, Alister Korner and a mysterious 'Prescence'.


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Star of Destiny


These two books are about what could happen to our world in the future. Society has changed, alliances and boundaries have changed to accommodate the fundamentalism of extreme religious belief balanced out by a new Rationalism that does not include God. Against this new and changed society that emerged from the chaos of famine and global climate change there is a movement by the World Government to create the Tolerance which is inclusive of all creeds and, using this law, to create the Star Reach Project, a colonisation project bent for Alpha Cemtaurii.


Within the westernised Christian nations there is a tight, restrictive intolerance to those who do not obey the fundamental teachings of the Old Testament. Breaking these teachings, and wanting to avoid marriage to a man much older than her, Carmel Morris breaks away to run to the safety of Arizona, a Rationalist state. Her defection to find her brother Jacob is a catalyst for change on disruption in her township made even more significant when her younger sister Rachel follows.


On the way Carmel meets up with Alister Korner, self styled Messiah who is ruled by a sinister Presence he thinks is the voice of God and barely escapes alive. She is also contaminated by the Presence and eventually when she and her brother and sister arrive to claim a place on Maas Retnik's Star Reach project it is she who contaminates the computers and the Virtual Reality Teaching system essential for the ship's company to carry out colonisation.


The designing engineer, Maas Retnik, has plans for the Star Reach project that the World Government know nothing about. When his plans are suspected by President Labada, leader of the Southern Federation of America, it is the knowledge of a small Arab boy that saves him.


The Star Reach Project deals with the Project and Mother Ship Journey deals with the trials and almost disaster on the way to the new colony. The colonists are faced with some unsavoury choices, and some that break the taboos of their normal society. Jacob Morris is faced with an awful choice when the Presence takes over the Star Ship through the children, and Mohammed, the Arab boy who foreswore violence is also challenged.


The book explores questions of sexuality, cloning and the final division of the new society on planet fall. Nobody remains unchanged from the effects of the journey.