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To live on an Island does not mean that you are a recluse - it is a good excuse to build more bridges.



A cat - a most gentle creature until need arises and then she is a wild animal killing without thought other than the need at the time to do so.

Cat Writer

James Apps

Poet, writer, artist and perpetual student.

The Cats of Angel City

The first fantasy tale in two parts - part one is Lilith's journey with Cat to Angel City to find the Crystal keys. Her coming to that land starts a rebellion in which she and Cat and Cat's people play a large part.


The second book is of Cynthia and her expulsion from the Valley and how she and Cat and her son change the lives of her people.


This is an action packed story that also explores some uncomfortable ideas and offers a world created within our own rather than build a fantasy world with all the trappings of an invented language, strange creatures and instead chooses to mutate or change what is already there.


This is a story of the people of Earth in fantastic world that has grown out of our own world influenced in part by Ray Bradbury who took the ordinary several steps further.





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Lilith- Leopard Woman


Cynthia - Moon Child

The Cats of Angel City


This is a two part fantasy tale set in the far future of Earth and takes place somewhere in the Northern hemisphere - the infrastructure has disappeared and the people in the tale suffer from radiation sickness although some mutants survive to create a stronger race. At some time the people of the Valley and the Settlement were crossed with large felines and it is normal for them to be born with claws and nictating eyelids and manes instead of normal hair.


The mysterious Dome that was long ago used as a temple turns out to be something more intriguing. This is where Lilith meets Cat and together they set off on a mission to solve the problem of the people's malady.


That her journey is difficult and reveals a truth about their way of life is all part of the tale and leads to here own and Cat's adventures in a new land which eventually involves her cousin, Cynthia and the fight against her rival, Alisha's evil Boundsmen.


Lilith and Cynthia are mutants in that they are telepathic and can read the minds of animals including Owls and of course Cat. This is the story of their battle to bring peace between their people and the people of Angel City. Lilith is embroiled in a bloody war and discovers how much her kind, the Cat People, are despised.


This fantasy tale may have swords and knives, Cat Claws and the occasional ancient rifle, which means that much of the conflict is hand to hand fighting there is also the conflict between two powerful computer systems and a small child with a powerful mind reading ability.


Like all good stories there is a twist in the tail.