Jake's Progress

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To live on an Island does not mean that you are a recluse - it is a good excuse to build more bridges.



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James Apps

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Jake's Progress

Jackson Irons is an alcoholic who has to come to terms with his drinking and his destructive way of life. His sanity and his ability to remain sober is hampered by the horrific murders carried out by a serial killer.


Jake is convinced that the murderer is out to get him and in his own fumbling manner he sets out to solve the mystery.


His story explores the mind of a man whose lifestyle hovers on the brink of disaster.


When his son makes contact with him from Australia where Jake once lived and worked he hopes for change.


This is the story of how he deals with the advance of the killer and his chance of being reunited with his family.



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Jake's Progress


This story is the profile of men I have known wrapped around a couple of personal experiences at the BHP Steel Works in Whyalla on the Spencer Gulf in South Australia. The real events used in the tale , and also the references to Political Parties have been changed for the purposes of the story. As with most tales about life the characters depicted are drawn from real people and experiences related to me by people I have met in New Zealand and Australia.


Jake lives in Sheerness, Kent and the story is centred on a charity mission run by the local church funded by donations from local philanthropists anxious to help those who would otherwise have to sleep on the streets.


Whyalla and the steelworks exists although I have used it only a s background for Jake's memories.


Jake's Progress is by nature a violent story that explores some sensitive issues. At times it is a story designed to shock but it does have its tender moments.