James Apps

Poet - Author - Artist - Cat Lover


To live on an Island does not mean that you are a recluse - it is a good excuse to build more bridges.



One of those days on the Island when the weather conforms to the season, winter and a day for watching Brent's Geese.

Cat Writer

James Apps

Poet, writer, artist and perpetual student.

I write books, Sci-Fi, Short Stories, Commentray Fiction and Poetry. I like the idea of social commentary in fiction which is what I see Sci-fi as a vehicle and intend to exclude the overdone standard of Earthman hero defeats Alien bad guy. Yes, I have books full of the usual anomalies such as matter transfer, tendrils and the equivalent of the 'zap-gun' but I do like the idea of mixing Sci-fi with Fantasy and try to come up with tales that make sense.


The Zradian Chronicles is the nearest I come to conventional Sci-fi but in this I have an anti-hero, and the Aliens are as rational as we are in their own way. Yes, it is a tale of good versus evil but I believe the reader likes to have these things, and also a good dollop of personal interaction making the characters identifiable with real people in real situations.


Star Reach is a tale of what might happen and explores some radical ideas that I hope will make the reader reflect on how society can change when faced with adversity and circumstances that challenge the moral standards accepted by normal people. I make no apology for raising issues that may disturb the reader but when we look at what happens in our own world there are some even more radical ideas than I have expressed in the story.


It could be said that Jake's Progress is autobiographical, but if it is then only in part although some of the story is based on true events the tale is there to explore one man's mind and allow the reader an insight into the thoughts of a person claimed by an addiction. It is not meant to be a nice tidy story, but then dealing with a serial killer is never what you call nice.


The Poetry tale is pure fantasy based on a classic love story and Lewis Carrol's crazy poems. The Turval and the Grobble is a tale that occurred to me in one of those moments of madness evey writer must experience.


And, of course, Tales from the Dark Side is a book of short stories and is the first in a series .

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