And Darkly Glows the City

James Apps

Poet - Author - Artist - Cat Lover


To live on an Island does not mean that you are a recluse - it is a good excuse to build more bridges.



One of those days on the Island when the weather conforms to the season, winter and a day for watching Brent's Geese.

Cat Writer

James Apps

Poet, writer, artist and perpetual student.

And Darkly Glows the City


This tale is set in Auckland - it is a thriller based on a news story about street kids becoming a nuisance in the inner city. Traders were "plagued" by them, the city was where they slept and also the place where they became the prey of people who wanted them for other purposes.


A stroppy police Inspector and his wife, a Sergeant trying to make life easier for the young waifs, become involved in investigating a horrible murder that threatens their lives and family.


Con O'Grady and his working partner "Tex" Rogers set out to solve a series of ritual killings and come up against corruption in high places, the terrible realisation that the City was not doing enough to prevent the horror they found unfolding during their investigation.


But this is not all horror, blood and guts and disregard of the law but is also a story of romance under horrific circumstances and the bravery of two young people.


The twists and turns of the tale will leave you wanting to find out what happens next.

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