James Apps

Poet - Author - Artist - Cat Lover


To live on an Island does not mean that you are a recluse - it is a good excuse to build more bridges.



Frosty morning on Elmley Bird Sanctuary when we, touched by the cold, watched a pair of Hares run across the frozen grass annoyed that we had not turned aside . It was that sort of morning.

Cat Writer

James Apps

Poet, writer, artist and perpetual student.

Yes, about me, of course I call myself a poet, I write poetry; and I so name myself as a writer having written many short stories, reviews, a few short plays and novels. Educated of late by the good professors of Auckland University I was also taught by those who, In New Zealand, are recognised poets and authors. For my efforts I managed to gain a Master of Arts degree and have hopefully managed to justify the study by trying to write well, take part in literary events and to help others with their own efforts.


That I am a mature person came as a surprise to me but at least I have time to develop any ideas or writing I may want to undertake.


I also agree with others that I shall be called an artist. The reason for this immodest self labelling is that now and then I do take some good pictures with a camera and manage to paint some canvasses with oils and acrylics more or less following the style of Vincent Van Gogh and now and then influenced by Salvadoe Dali although I do have my own style.


I enjoy painting as much as I enjoy writing.

On the Island

Living on the Isle of Sheppey is a unique experience that has taken me by surprise.


Living on the Isle of Sheppey was an accidental thing to do. I needed a cheap place to live and so Cat and I took a flat in Sheerness, a gloomy place on the road facing the dull sea wall until we found the place on the hill. Now I have views over Sheernes and Queenborough that although very much town views are from a place where people tend their gardens, and a pony or two occasionally passes by.


There are some oddities about that most of us find fascinating - one is the steel works that is now defunct and deteriorating as the months and years pass by. In contrast new buildings go up on the industrial sites producing new and different industries. In a way this evolution reflects what is happening to me.


Steel works - pristine when it was in use - now rusting up.