James Apps

Poet - Author - Artist - Cat Lover



Taup is the publishing section of the Sheppey Writers' Group formed to publish our own work using local printers, local artists and in the beginning publishing local writers.

The Sheppey Writers' Group is based on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent and was formed to give a focus to local and Island writers. The group runs workshops, meetings and has created a network of local writers. The current activity is to establish a Literary Festival and Book Fair on the Island as part of Kent's Arts and Creativity. This effort is connected to TAUP which acts as the current website although there is also a Blog site and a Facebook presence to help with publicity.

I also like to paint pictures in oils and acrylics and belong to the Sheppey Arts Society, a group of local artists active on the island.

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The Titles below are available on Createspace and Kindle click links to view.



Tales from the Dark Side


The Cats of Angel City


The Star Reach Project


Mother Ship Journey


The Turval and the Grobble


Cat Writer

I like cats and much of my writing I will include them and even weave the story around them.


In some of my books I have cats or cat-like creatures either as part of the tale, or as in The Cats of Angel City they are some of the main characters, and they appear in some of my short stories as and when needed.


In The Zradian Chronicles cats appear as the nemesis of some of the Zradians who cannot resist chasing them unless they have undertaken aversion treatment. Their predilection for pursuing cats stems from their odd ancestry and an unfortunate DNA cross with the Zradian Lupe, a dog - like animal .


Otherwise I am not obsessed with cats, I like them, especially black ones, which is supposed to be lucky, or are they Familiars - who can tell?